Soane Labs Research

Soane Labs develops new or improved products and manufacturing processes for mature industries. Because we have developed a broad set of skills from our work across many industries, we are uniquely capable to apply insights from one field to help solve the problems in another.

Industries we currently work in include agriculture, biotherapeutics, mining, paper, and energy.


Soane Labs brings materials science to the agriculture industry, developing sustainable products that enhance crop production. Our spin-off company, Crop Enhancement, is commercializing our most promising products.

Visit the Crop Enhancement website to learn more


Soane Labs is applying its understanding of protein structures and surface interactions to developing next-generation formulation technologies for biotherapeutics. Our spin-off company, ReForm Biologics, has created an excipient platform that addresses the problems of viscosity and stability for biotherapeutic molecules.

Visit the ReForm Biologics website to learn more


Soane Labs applies its innovative chemistry and surface modification to the mining industry. Our spin-off company, Soane Mining, has incorporated this research into a portfolio of cost-effective, robust treatments that reduce the environmental impact of mining waste streams and improve the yield of mining operations.

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Pulp and Paper

Our understanding of surface chemistry and molecular self-assembly allows us to enhance papermaking and paper coating processes, improving efficiency and creating new products in ways not achievable with traditional methods. Our spin-off company, NanoPaper, works with leaders in the pulp and paper industry.

Visit the NanoPaper website to learn more


Soane Labs has devoted significant research efforts to the energy industry, focusing on technologies to make oil and gas recovery more efficient and cost-effective. Our spin-off company, Soane Energy, is commercializing this research with a portfolio of formulations and additives.

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